2012 Practice Session #1

As today’s practice session was the first one of this year, a few of us decided to wear traditional kimono and hakama.

Well, putting on kimono properly was no easy task, and we ended up struggling for more than one hour.

Today, we tried for the first time special cards called “Kimari-ji Go-shoku Hyakunin-isshu (きまり字五色二十人一首)”.

100 grabbing cards are divided into 5 color groups, and on the back of each card shows corresponding Upper Poem (Kamino-ku). It may seem like a tall order to memorize all 100 poems, but if you just concentrate on one color group (20 cards) at a time, and if you can cheat by flipping a card to see the upper poem whenever you are not sure, it gets much easier. We had a participant today who played Karuta for the first time in her life, and she was able to grab correct cards by just hearing the beginning of upper poems by the end of the session. We decided to continue using this “Kimari-ji Go-shoku Hyakunin-issu” for a while as it seems very effective for beginners.

Today’s sweets was “Zenzai (ぜんざい)” , which is mochi in sweet bean soup.

The next practice session is February 4 (sat).
Please see Activities for more details.

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