2012 Practice Session #3

We had our third practice of this year on February 19. This time, we had 10 participants, five of which were the first timers.

Continuing from the last practice session, we used Red Cards of Goshoku-Karuta. Concentrating on just 20 cards really helped beginners to memorize cards and try to grab them as swiftly as possible. We could observe that everyone had gotten noticeably better in just two hours of one practice session.

Today’s sweets was Ichigo-Daifuku(いちご大福). We enjoyed it with Guri-cha(ぐり茶) which one of the participants had brought.

We tried the SF Karuta Club’s very first tournament after the tea break. As we had not really planned on it (just thought of it during the tea break), we didn’t have any prize ready for the winner. Olivia wandered around the house for a little while, looking for things to make “prize”, then picked eggs from chickens in the backyard.

Noriko & Olivia have three chickens in the backyard, who lay fresh eggs everyday. These photos were taken from another day, and today, we found two eggs in the coop, which Ms.O, the winner, brought home with her.

The next practice session will be held on March 3 (Sat). Please see Activities for details。

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