2012 Practice Session #6

We had the sixth practice of this year on April 7. Although we missed Olivia, who was on a school trip to Costa Rica, 10 members gathered and had a lot of fun.

Playing with just 10 of red cards, everyone was so fast. The right cards were taken well before Shimono-ku (lower poem) was read, and often within first five syllables. It was almost looking like a real competition! But, then, when we increased the number of cards to 20, it seemed to have gotten much harder for everyone. Observing the progress in the last couple of months, I’m hoping that we will master all 20 of red cards and actually move to another color set by this summer.

Today’s sweets was Sakura-mochi(桜餅), which is mochi with bean paste inside, garnished with pickled cherry blossoms.

As for the next practice, we will be skipping the one in the third Sunday of April (22nd), due to a Karuta event that takes place on the same day in conjunction with San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival. So, please come visit! (more details in Activities.

That makes the next practice May 5th, which is Children’s Day in Japan. So, we plan to prepare Kashiwa Mochi (柏餅), which is traditional sweets served on the holiday.

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