2012 Practice Session #8

We had the 8th practice of this year on May 20th. There was also a big event happening in San Francisco on this day – Bay to Breakers, a famous marathon in which everyone dressed up in costumes. Olivia and Noriko participated in the Bey to Breakers in the morning, then the Karuta practice in the afternoon.

Our costume theme for this year’s Bay to Breaker was “good-night”. We walked the race in pajamas with stuffed sheep and a pillow in our arms.

Olivia ended up staying in her pajamas during the Karuta practice as well.

Today, we added 10 of Yellow cards to our practice, in addition to 20 Red cards we’ve been practicing with for some time.

When the number of playing cards increase, it gets harder and harder to memorize exact location of each card. Even players who were so good with 20 cards were struggling with 10 additional cards.

It is a big step forward, though. We are getting closer to 50 cards which are used for formal competition.

Today’s dessert was Nerikiri, sweet bean and mochi cake colored and shaped like flower.

The next practice is June 2 (Saturday). Please see Activities for detail.

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