2012 Practice Session #9

We had the eighth practice of this year on June 2.
Continuing from the last practice, we used 20 Red cards and 10 yellow cards.

We first practiced with just red cards to refresh our memory, then moved on to learn new yellow cards. As a number of cards increase, it got harder to memorize each card’s location, too. Everyone could feel that her brain was working harder now.

Well, I heard that the active use of brain consumes many calories, and that sweets is perfect to replenish consumed calories. Did you notice that Chihaya from Chihayafuru anime eats tons of chocolate after a Karuta match?

This is another reason why a break with sweets and tea is very important part of our practice.
Warabi-mochi was the sweets of the day.

The next practice is June 17 Sunday. This is the last practice until September as we skip practice in July and August.Please see Activitiesfor more details.

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