Karuta Demonstration at the Cherry Blossom Festival

Murasame-kai gave the Kyogi Karuta demonstration at the San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival on April 21st.

Although we didn’t have much time to prepare or practice, we made it through the day successfully with the help of members from Karuta clubs in Tronto and Boston, who flew to San Francisco just for the event.

Setting up the room, one hour before the official opening hour.


11:00 am, the show time!
But, we had no visitors in the first half hour. The Murasame-kai members started practicing by ourselves as we had nothing else to do. The photo kind of shows how depressed we were.


It was now 11:30, the time for the first demonstration.
We only had two audiences, but what the heck, we started the show any way.
To our pleasant surprise, more visitors started coming in once we started the demonstration.


In about 5 minutes, the audience seats were half occupied.


By the time we were half way through the demo, it was almost full!


During the demo, we first explained the basic rules of Kyogi Karuta.
We gave the demonstration three times, and all time


Followed by the live performance by two of high school players, who were in full energy!



Here’s the video of the full demonstration (about 23 minutes).

We also gave Karuta workshop to visitors between the demos.



It was a very busy and hectic day, but we had so much fun it was worth all the efforts.
We’d like to thank everyone who came to visit us and the members who helped the event.

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