More new Karuta clubs in North America!

I posted an article about a new Karuta club in Michigan a few moth ago.

Recently, I found out about two more Karuta clubs in North America – one in Virginia and another one in Washington State, both of which were formed all by Americans.

First, here’s the club in Charlottesville, Virginia.

You can check out their web site here.

And, here’s a photo from their site.
I love how they look in Kimonos.


Next is the club in Spokane, Washington.

Here is their web site.

Also, some photos from their site.



I heard they are actively looking for new members as there are only two members yet. If you know anyone who live near Spokane, Washington and may be interested in playing Karuta with them, please introduce them to Spokane Karuta Society.

This makes the total number of Karuta clubs in North America at least 7. I decided to create a new page to keep track of them. Please see Karuta Clubs in Overseas.

Of course, there are many Karuta clubs outside of North America, including Asia, Europe, and New Zealand. I plan to add them to the page eventually, but for now, I think I had all North America pretty well covered.

With these many Karuta clubs, the first North American tournament seems to be becoming reality. Maybe we should start with some regional tournaments, e.g. West Coast tournament.

It is just incredibly exciting to see so many new Karuta clubs being born outside of Japan!

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