Practice #13 2013

The practice on Oct 5 was very lively with many of the old faces finally coming back after the summer break. Some of them brought their family members for the first time, too.

Here’s a serious duel between a very energetic mom and her charming son. Well, the mom didn’t go easy on him at all, and just went for the win with her full spirit!



These two are brother and sister who grew up in a family who used to play Karuta all year around. No wonder both of them were so good.


The kids started reading manga in the middle of the practice, but I guess that was OK as what they were reading was Chihayafuru.



Some members joined the practice for the first time after the summer break and were crying about forgetting so many cards during the break. Well, we all just need to keep practicing on a regular basis, right?

The sweets for the day was Mont Blanc cake made with locally grown chestnuts, which brought a nice feeling of the autumn season.



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