Practice #15 2013

The practice on Nov 2 was very lively with many members participating. We ran out of tatami mats and the room got too hot with so many people in our tiny living room.


We practiced the blue cards for the first time. Most of the members struggled as they had not memorized these cards yet. The most experience member helped them with tips to memorize some of them.


Here’s an example of memorization tips. The Upper part of the poem below starts with “玉 (tama)” which means a ball. A ball is round, and the Hiragana character “の (no)” is in very round shape as well. So, the Lower poem below with two of “の” characters together goes with “玉” Upper poem. Interesting, isn’t it?


The sweets for the day was Pumpkin Daifuku this day was still Halloween weekend.




Here’s the team competition. We had to use all 100 cards as we had total of 10 players. Murasama-kai’s rule for the team competition is that each team is free to decide seating order and how to divide up the given cards among the team members. So, both were spending quite a bit of time discussing their strategies, e.g. “XXXX-san, you should take all one-unique-syllable cards because you are so fast!”, “This card is XXXX-san’s favorite. We should not place it anywhere near him.” , etc., etc.



The strategies must have worked out. Everyone was so quick to reach out to the cards they laid out right in front of them. However, the focus was too much on their own cards they got to pick and place as they liked. I encouraged them to start reaching out to the opponent territory more aggressively, and that remains to be seen yet.

The next practice is on Nov 17th (Sun). Hope to see many of you again!

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