Practice #16 2013

We had a practice on Nov 17th, where 6 members participated. In the first half, we practiced Blue cards continuing from the last practice.

It was the second time to practice Blue cards for all the participants, as they all joined the last practice, too. Although Blue cards are not easy to memorize as there are many cards that start with same Kimari-ji (e.g. 6 cards that start with “Ta” syllable, also 6 with “Ko”), these members pretty much got them all down by the end of the day.




Sweets for the day were seasonal fruits (persimmons and asian pears) and rice crackers.



“What happened to home made Japanese sweets that you usually serve?” you may ask. Well, due to various reasons, I could not make sweets for this practice. But, don’t worry, they’ll come back. I plan to make Kuri-Manju (baked bun stuffed with chestnut) for the next practice.


For the tag-team match, we used all 80 cards we’ve practiced so far (Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue). As there were only 4 players, each player was given 20 cards, which is a lot more than we normally practice with. To my surprise, all the cards were taken before Shimono-ku was read. I was very impressed and realized that we may be able to start playing a game based on official rules.

Team A was this powerful mother and charming son,

and Team B was these guys who’ve come to the practice very regularly.

It was such a close game and actually ended up as “Fatal Match” (only one card left on each side). I will skip who won as they were really even.


The next practice is on Dec 7th Sat. Please take care of yourself and avoid catching a cold until then.

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