Practice #17 2013

We had two of very special guests at our Dec 7 practice meeting.

The first one was this man, who is Noriko’s husband and Olivia’s father. He usually shows up during the break just to enjoy the tea and sweets with Murasame-kai members, but had never participated in a Karuta practice before. After all these times he was around Murasame-kai, this was his very first time to play Karuta with us.

The second special guest was the charming lady who was sitting across from him. She was visiting from Japan to see his son, who is one of the Murasame-kai members.

Having these dearest guests made the practice more fun and relaxed. I think we all laughed quite a bit more than usual.



Another special note for the day was that I really noticed that the very young members of Murasame-kai were getting quite good. Both of the two kids who participated the practice this day ended up in the same team. Someone suggested that we separate them to balance the skill level of two teams (and she meant that the team had both kids had disadvantage), but Kids team actually beat All Adults team!


The sweets for the day was “Kuri Manju”, which is Chestnut bun, made with home made candied chestnuts. They were so delicious!




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