Practice #2 2014

We had our second meeting of this year on Jan 18th. As the first one was a New Year Party, where we mostly played recreational Karuta, this meeting was really the first real practice.

I heard that the participants tried a new practice method Olivia invented, but, sorry I have no idea what the method was like and/or how it worked out as I could not participate in the practice this day.

So, I just share some photos I managed to take.




We had two visitors from Japan, who were stunned by the intense play by the Murasame-kai members.


Even the tea break was taken in a different style this time.

We had a very special guest from Japan, a producer of green tea, who gave us a mini seminar on the Japanese green tea. The reason I could not participate in the practice was because I was too busy helping with this seminar.

Our usual tea break is very relaxing (and a bit noisy sometime), but in this type of formal setting, the members looked a bit nervous. Yet, the seminar was very educational, and the tea brewed by a tea master was delicious.




We will go back to regular schedule and program from February.
The next practice will be on Feb 1 Sat.

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