Practice #3 2014

As most of Murasame-kai members have memorized most of poems, we started focusing more on memorizing the location of cards.

By now, the members know which grabbing card to go after as soon as they hear Kamino-ku or Kimari-ji, then go find the grabbing card. The next step is to memorize exact location of all grabbing cards beforehand, so they can reach out to them as soon as they hear Kimari-ji.

Easiest to start with is cards that start with “む、す、め、ふ、さ、ほ、せ” as there is only one card each that start with these syllables. These are called Ichimai-fuda (literally means Single Cards). The next set is Nimai-fuda (Double Cards) consisting of syllables “う、つ、し、も、ゆ” which have two cards each starting with them.

We laid out only these Ichimai-fuda and Nimai-fuda, memorized their exact location until we could point to them with our eyes closed as we recited in our head “む、す、め、ふ、さ、ほ、せ ー う(か)/う(ら)、つ(き)/つ(く)、し(の)/し(ら)、も(も)/も(ろ)、ゆ(う)/ゆ(ら)”

As you can see, this practice required serious concentration.



Once we started playing, we all could immediately jump to the correct grabbing card as soon as the Kimari-ji was read! Well, not quite like that right away, but the speed to reach out to the correct cards was definitely improving with everyone.



The sweets for the day was Yokan (adzuki bean jelly) by famous Toraya shop in Japan.



We’ve had a few members absent with cold at recent practices. I hope everyone takes care of yourself and stay healthy!

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