Practice #5 2014

We’ve been practicing memorization by Kimari-ji since the beginning of this year. In February, we practiced the cards that start with「む、す、め、ふ、さ、ほ、せ」(only one card that starts with each syllable) and the ones that start with「う、つ、し、も、ゆ」(two cards each). This time, we practices「い、ち、ひ、き」(three cards each) and「は、や、よ、か」(four cards each).



I personally have the hardest time with the cards that start with「は」. These cards start with「はる(す)、はる(の)、はな(さ)、はな(の)」which mean either 「春 – Spring」or 「花 – Flower」。I always get confused as they carry similar images.


The tea and sweets for the day was more western style than usual – English tea and strawberry scones.さ




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