About Us

San Francisco MURASAME-KAI was formed in April, 2011, for the purpose of promoting Kyogi Karuta (Competitive Karuta) in the SF Bay Area.

Today, even in Japan, you don’t find too many who play Kyogi Karuta any more. Trying to find ones outside of Japan is even harder. The goals of our activities are to facilitate occasions for those who wish to play Kyogi Karuta to get together with each other, and to promote Kyogi Karuta through events and seminars.

MURASAME-KAI is currently looking for new members! No Karuta experience is necessary, however, you should have the basic understanding of the Japanese language and ability to read Hiragana.

If you live in the SF Bay Area, and are interested in the MURASAME-KAI’s activities, feel free to contact us!